How do I become a member ?

There are three types of Full Membership: food and drink; wood; and crafts, and if you are not a producer but you sell or serve Direct from Dorset accredited products don’t worry because you can join as an Associate Member.

First you need to select your category and then have a look at the criteria that apply to you. Once you feel that your product or business is eligible then contact us for an application pack and a chat, or you can download an application form.

We are a friendly and helpful bunch and it is in our interests to make the joining process as straightforward as possible. If there are any areas in which your business does not quite meet the criteria we can provide support to help you get there. Contact us here at our offices for further information and support.

Full Membership

You could join as a full member of Direct from Dorset if you are a food, drink, wood or craft producer who uses Dorset grown raw materials in your products and meet the criteria explained in the section relevant to you. A wide range of benefits are available for members and the fee is only £50 per year.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is for businesses that support Direct from Dorset by selling or serving Direct from Dorset products. This can cover a wide range of businesses including galleries, retailers, hotels, pubs and restaurants. A wide range of benefits are available and membership is only £35 per annum.